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UK students solving math puzzle

Sweets Puzzle

By mathjunky | Oct 23, 2015

Solution to Sweets Puzzle This math puzzle is the kind that makes you do a double take. Once you realised what the problem is about, then you’ll find that it is relatively simple (assuming you still remember how to solve your quadratic equations). The first thing we can do is to focus on the given…

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Simple Logic Question

By mathjunky | Oct 15, 2015

Solution to Simple Logic Question If you’ve answered 10 cents then you are not alone and part of the over 50% Harvard, MIT, and Princeton students that got this question wrong. Think about it. If the ball is 10 cents, then the bat would be $1.10 so the total will be $1.20. Therefore, the correct…

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String Puzzle

By mathjunky | Sep 23, 2015

Solution to String Puzzle With a little bit of ingenuity (illustration is not to scale): Using the properties of 3-4-5 triangle, the diagonals which is the string, is equivalent to 5 cm: Therefore 5cm x 4 = 20cm. This “Simple” Puzzle once stumped 96% of America’s Top Math Students A string is wound symmetrically around…

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